Springs Rescue Mission founders started providing sandwiches to homeless people in Colorado Springs, Colorado in parks and under bridges. Not only that, but they also started inviting people into their homes in order to provide a platform and place for young couples to change their lives. It soon turned into a food pantry in a small building which eventually turned into a “wide range of programs intended to serve the 27,000 households living below the poverty line in the Pikes Peak region”.

The Springs Rescue Mission’s vision is to “see lives transformed and filled with hope as [the] community works together to fight homelessness, poverty, and addiction”. They desire to provide relief, rehabilitation, and empowerment services to those in need. They are dedicated to meeting residents “where they are”, to providing aid that is sustainable, to promoting a safe environment to allow transformation and empowerment, to treating people with dignity and respect through grace, truth, and healing, and providing access to additional services and solutions outside of the Springs Rescue Mission.

They accept monetary donations as well as tangible goods. We here at Undivided belie that what they are doing is worthwhile and should be supported; and that is why they are on the list of locations to choose from on our website. If you make the decision to come together with Undivided and join the movement, you will make a direct impact on people’s lives.

If you would like to DONATE beyond a T-Shirt: Please visit www.springsrescuemission.org/donate  for monetary donations and www.springsrescuemission.org/donate-goods for other donations.

If you would like to SERVE with Springs Rescue: Please visit www.springsrescuemission.org/volunteer.

To read about Springs Rescue Mission further, visit www.springsrescuemission.org and view the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the home page labeled “About Us”.

Thank you for joining the movement and partnering with Undivided!

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