Started by Rev. Joshua Gravett, Denver Rescue Mission began as a Rescue Home for women. It opened in 1892 and soon merged with the Florence Crittendon Mission and Home for Women in late 1892. Soon, the leadership began planning a men’s shelter. Within 20 years, the small women’s shelter expanded to three difference locations in Denver that served more than 3,000 overnight accommodations each month! After trying times within the leadership team, the organization was bought by Rev. Garvett and renamed Denver Rescue Mission, where they grew to open medical and dental clinics as well as centers for computer-based literacy and education, a warehouse for food, clothing, and furniture, and family outreach. Now, Denver Rescue operates all of these categories of impact and ministry out of six different locations!

They are dedicated to helping those in the community who are “experiencing homelessness and addiction”. As a rescue mission, their “primary goal is to see these lives transformed through personal accountability, education, spiritual development, and community relationships.” They complete their mission with their partners and donors by emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, and community outreach.

Denver Rescue accepts monetary donations as well as tangible items, which is why we are including them on our list of locations to donate Undivided T-Shirts when you check out! When Undivided donates the shirts, they will be distributed to those in the Denver community who are in need. If you make the decision to come together with Undivided and join the movement, you will make a direct impact on people’s lives.

If you would like to DONATE beyond a T-Shirt: Please visit

If you would like to SERVE with Denver Rescue: Please visit and click “volunteer” in the top right corner of the homepage.

To read about Denver Rescue Mission Further, visit the website above and click “Menu”, then “About Us”.

Thank you for joining the movement and partnering with Undivided!

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