Our Mission

Here at Undivided, we have one belief: if we are going to make ANY kind of impact in our communities, we must stand together and focus on our similarities rather than our differences. There are people all over our communities that need us to forget why we all disagree, and rise up in a movement of people which recognizes the importance of being Undivided. You begin this by joining the movement and purchasing clothing. Every piece of clothing you buy, you get to donate a T-Shirt to someone in need.

The vision of Undivided is to see our communities strengthened by our generations. We do this by equipping, encouraging, and empowering people to engage with one another in love and excellence.

We start small so we can grow big, and soon we will have a band of people who do more good in our society than any one person ever could. Join the movement, buy a shirt or hat, and listen for upcoming events to be a part of. This is our time to be a generation that we’re proud of.

We are here together; we are one family; we are Undivided!