Ways to get involved:

Undivided is dedicated to strengthening our communities through our generations by equipping, encouraging, and empowering people to engage with one another in a way that creates change where they are. If you see need in your community and have a great idea about how to meet it, please email betheundivided@gmail.com so we can equip you to do so. We want to encourage you and empower you to stand up in your community!

If you purchase apparel, you get to donate a clean shirt to those in need at either Springs Rescue or Denver Rescue Mission (you choose). Not only that, but all other funds funnel back into the company to support outreach events like Undivided Ignited. Click the picture above this message to get free tickets!

Subscribe at the bottom of this page to stay current on new donation location options, service events in your community, and other ways to be an active part of this movement.

Read more about Undivided donate to our cause by clicking on “Why Undivided?” in our blog page called Undivided Life! The GoFundMe link is at the bottom of the blog!